look fancy….

I got a new phone today. It looks fancy but its not. It came in the mail via China via ebay. I am sure it was made by premature babies similar to those mentioned in my earlier posts. I  will also probably cause tumors to grow in my ear but what the hell–It’s cute! My old phone lived with me for two years (long time with my clutzy hands) and now I can actually talk on the phone without hearing my own voice echo back.

Iphone Iphone Iphone!!! Is what everyone says. So why didn’t I get an Iphone. The plans. I hate the $80 a month–double what I pay. Another $500 a year I can’t afford. I know when I graduate and have a real job again I can afford it but for now I would like to stay on the plan that I’ve had for the last, gasp!, 6 years. Also- I love Tmobile. They are so nice when I call, I have never had to freeze my accounts because someone stole my phone number, there have never been any billing errors. Its so easy. I have horror stories with both Sprint and At&t–though I know most people like them. And verizon- verizon is SO expensive. Plus I don’t live in the boonies so most of the time reception is aok. I will cry when the Tmobile/At&t merger goes through.

That is my phone story. Someday I will join the ranks of mature adults and read Dlisted from anywhere in the country. But for now–I am happy with my crapstastic-blackberry-knockoff.

PS: I can also watch TV on it- not like hulu…but like analog TV. Like a Spanish channel and QVC, because, ya know, everything else is digital. My phone is super funny.

…..I should get a digital adapter for my phone!! Ha hahahahahah!!!!!


2 thoughts on “look fancy….

  1. Susan says:

    I like your phone and that it is not an Iphone like everybody else has except for Ken and I; though Ken has a camera phone and I have his old, clunky, blue phone phone that is, just, a phone. though, it worked good as an alarm clock Monday morning. I had too good of a time visiting with you all. It was the kind of visit that I’ve waited 30 some years for and now we had it. Maybe we can have another one again sometime, ok? love, mom

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