no more limbo….

I passed. We were all so scared. We lost a few classmates but, I think, most made it. One of my clinicalmates won’t be coming back and that is truly sad because we all got to know her. I think she would be an amazing nurse so I hope she comes back with the cohort behind us.

My mom arrived this morning and tomorrow we start doing some hardcore sightseeing but hopefully not tooooo much because we both get overwhelmed. We also plan to track down some ancestors. My family actually goes pretty far back on that side. Pretty cool for a westcoaster.

Other then that I plan on working my way through some Battle Star Galatica season 4. And sleep–lots and lots of sleep.


3 thoughts on “no more limbo….

  1. claire says:

    OMG yay congrats!!! Have fun w/Susan 🙂 Let’s catch up when you have a breather.

  2. Susan says:

    we did it… have a good week after, thanks, love, mom

    • lmsanderswilcox says:

      We did have a really good week. I need to get pictures up but it might not be for a bit. Miss you!!

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