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Pucci 2011 via The Sartoralist

So why not go from one eating disorder topic to another?!?! Yes fashion weeks all over the world are happening or have happened recently and when lectures get completely boring I head over to Garance Dore, or her BF The Satorlist, or —should I be interested enough to peruse the entire collections or look at Tommy Ton’s street styles. Some of the things I have learned: I like Prada’s boots, I HATE all the multi-colored furs–first you kill a perfectly gorgeous animal then you don’t even respect it enough to let its gorgeous fur show. Why not just go synthetic? Its disrespectful. I am not totally anti fur or leather (I have purchased furs at Goodwill–but I don’t think I could bring myself to buy new). However, I think with old age I might become a little more anti-fur and maybe even, gasp!, anti-leather. The way animals are treated is just awful awful awful. Not cool. not cool.

Back to fashion week–I love the iridescents–hence liking the Prada boots and the shirt above by Pucci. Some of the other super vibrant colors rub me the wrong way but I do appreciate a bit of gleam. Anyway this is fun taking a break and talking about something more light. Finals are around the corner and I know I was all game to talk about Fluid and Electrolytes but I fear it won’t happen until next quarter–which is only a few weeks away.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning!

UPDATE: I just wanted to add some stats- 67% of eating disorder patients have attempted suicide (most of the patients at my clinical had– one girl carved HATE in her leg before her attempt), and 20% of anorexic patients will die from their eating disorder or complications caused by their eating disorder. One of the patients in the video from the last post, Polly, was eventually successful with her suicide attempt and died in 2008.

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