I haven’t written much about my clinicals this quarter. I don’t want to say things too close to when I go because of privacy even though I would never say names or where I have clinical. However, clinicals are where I see myself changing. The first week was scary and I pretty much stood around like an idiot. I still stand around like an idiot most of the time but I feel like I am not in the way and, sometimes, it is even helpful/beneficial to have me there.

This quarter we have three clinicals a week: Adult Med/Surg- where I see people in the hospital for all sorts of things, Maternity- where I see pregnant ladies, postpregnant (called postpartum) ladies, ladies in labor, healthy babies and sick babies, and third Mental health- where I see all sorts of adults and children with all sorts of issues–big issues.

Adult Med/Surg: here I feel like I am starting to see what we learn in class. Basically how if you fuck yourself up YOU REALLY FUCK YOURSELF UP. For example, I have had 3 patients (4 but the first one was just in fr observation) ALL of them could have prevented being in the hospital. One was not controlling his diabetes and ended up with a gangernous foot ulcer- nasty nasty, another patient didn’t take his Blood Pressure medicine and went into renal failure- all from not taking a simple pill. I am not sure if I have stressed this enough but aside from your heart and brain and maybe tied with lungs–your kidneys are soooo important- treat them well. And the last patient said she had a tiny infection that got worse over 2 days– it was so bad: giant blisters that covered her foot– it did not happen in 2 days. She also had a prolapsed uterus (I am not exagerating here) that hung into the toilet bowl–in urine and feces. This would have happened no matter what but it didn’t need to get so bad. I felt really bad for her.

Maternity: Babies Babies Babies!!!! I got to spend two weeks doing newborn assessments- the buggers are super cute especially when all they do is sleep those first few hours. I also did post partum exams on moms and recently helped with a birth. Very exciting. The delivery I attended was described as the ideal normal. There was still lots of blood at the end–with clots. That part made me cringe a bit but its pretty amazing to see one person transform into two people; no baby, baby!

Mental: Mental health is emotionally hard. I spent time with kids who seem pretty normal but come from horrific home environments. Molested/abused by parents, grandparents, foster parents, and/or siblings. They have seen and/or done things that you couldn’t even dream of so its no wonder they are fucked up. But once they are deemed fucked up there is no way to recover from that. Kids who are considered fucked up aren’t allowed to play or be rowdy like normal kids and then their energy gets so bottled up (especially since they are cooped) they explode. I am not saying the way they are treated is wrong or that I know of any better option but its sad. I went from that to a talkative woman who looks like you or me and acts like you or me but every once and awhile a voice tells her to kill herself and gets to the point that she can’t resist it. It caught me by surprise how open people are about their suicide attempts. Then to anorexics who are just silent; their eating disorder like a monster constantly sitting beside them, telling them they are fat and ugly–you can almost see it as they cut and cut and cut their food. Mental health is perhaps my favorite clinical but holy crap its taxing.

Anyway- that, aside from class and an evening in Atlantic City, is what I have been doing this quarter.


4 thoughts on “clinicals….

  1. Susan says:

    i haven’t anything to add other than I am in awe of your experiences and that I hope you keep perspective like the Atlantic City, Rocky, and Valentine’s photos for ever

  2. claire says:

    Wow!! Ditto what Susan said.

  3. Steph says:

    I’m really enjoying your entries about school. I can hear how you talk through your words. No baby, baby!!!

    As I’m preparing to leave TD, I’ve been thinking a lot about my time there and am so glad I had you there for awhile, for the sake of sanity and fun. And I’m super proud of you kicking ass in nursing school! Keep it up.

  4. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Thank you guys!
    Steph- The Dalles was a special place and time- you seriously made it so I could stay for as long as I did and we had a lot of fun! I miss it.

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