Sometimes I miss my 20s and then I remember them and I don’t miss them anymore. Those were the days when I just got to be me and really figure out who ME was. At times I thought I was pretty wild and crazy but I wasn’t–I was more like the calm person at a wild and crazy party. This morning I woke up and, I am not sure why, I started thinking of all the random events of my 20s. I am sure everyone has this random events but since this is my blog I am going to note a couple here–if you want to share some it would be awesome to read some. comment away!

A) Now I laugh because it was so stupid but at the time I cried. I was at a show that some friends put on. In the hallway a comic book artist had put up some art- he was well known in Portland so it was pretty cool to have his stuff at the show. A skeezy friend of the show was the one who arranged it and he saw me looking at the framed pages. At the time  I was a bartender on a popular street. It wasn’t a super popular bar but I knew some people on the street and some other people thought it was cool. It wasn’t that cool. Anyway, this skeezy friend said I could have a copy of the comic book (I think I still have it) if I talked it up at the bar and around town a bit. I would have done that anyway because I thought it was super cool so I said sure. After some laughs (not drinks- I didn’t drink much then) and joking around someone was eating Cracker Jacks (it was probably me) and there was a water based temporary tattoo in the box. Thinking we were SUPER COOL, I wanted it on my neck but it just turned into this giant green and blue smear. Something distracted us and I promptly forgot about it. After the show I was going to meet people in a booth and one of the Guys (probably drunk and on various drugs) saw me, saw my neck, saw the comic book in my hand. “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?!! WE DIDN”T GET ONE! WHY DID YOU GET ONE?!?! YOU LET FUCKING ______ MANHANDLE YOU FOR A FUCKING COMIC BOOK?!?!” He screamed and screamed at me. I was so mortified, embarassed, sad, devastated. I had so been in awe of this Guy and now it was shattered. Did people really think I would do that–let some skeezy dude bruise my neck (amongst other things) for a comic book? It was one of those situations where I thought I should have done something, I should have yelled back. All I did was turn around, tears streaming, and walk out of the bar. A friend, a good friend who I barely knew, saw the whole thing and took me home.

I was going to mention a couple other stories. But I think that is enough for today. That night sucked.


One thought on “smears….

  1. Susan says:

    the ones where people scream at you in front of friends are the worst and you remember them; I don’t remember nearly as well the kindnesses though there must have been some… not in my 20s… so I like the part about the friend giving you a ride home, they are worth the memory… we are just random packs of animals

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