i choose skulls over dragons….

A long time ago I worked with this dude at a Thai Restaurant. During that time the whole restuarant (aside from the bosses) worked really well together and we all hung out and were the  best of friends. To be that close with everyone you work with, I think, is pretty rare. Anyway I needed a shirt and he had an extra in his bag. On one side it had a dragon, on the other side it had a screen print of a skull- a super dark (metal zombie music album cover sort of thing) skull. I chose the skull. “Wow,” he said “I really picked you for the dragon side.”

I will always choose dark skulls over fuffy dragons. Dragons have nothing on what’s inside my head. Ha! Funny! But seriously- I like skulls. They are medical: nurisng. They are also dark –and I am not talking about those cutsie ones they sell on tights at hot topic. Everyone needs a dark side.

Anyway, this is a peak into why I have always appreciated Alexander McQueen. He is my dark side. Ellie Saab is my barbie doll side and MuiMui is my playful side. I have yet to choose my other sides when it comes to fashion. Above is the new skull ring by Alexander McQueen- I know, not really, he killed himself last year–v. sad. But it is a collaboration of his skulls and the lighter side of his partner of amazingness Sarah Burton. I like it and I like what she has done with his house.

For a long time I wanted something of his- maybe I will buy a scarf. But I think this, the old skull ring, or maybe a pair of his shoes (from before his passing) will be it. Something small that people glimpse and think “Wow- I didn’t picture her for a skull girl.”


2 thoughts on “i choose skulls over dragons….

  1. lmsanderswilcox says:

    PS Garance Dore is doing some nice coverage of Fashion Week: http://www.garancedore.fr/en
    ….though I am saying BLAH to fur. BLAAAHHHH!!!!

  2. Susan says:

    I like skulls too, but unsure if I would choose them over dragons…

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