Today I had a really good clinical experience. I got to take care of a patient postoperativly which is intense because you check their vitals a lot and he had gone through a lot already and so was very weak and slow to recover. It was intense. I also got to prime an IV. This is also intense. The patient was really cool and patient with my poking and prodding. Especially cool when I rechecked his blood pressure 3 times (I thought I had something off) and I had to keep putting my hand near his new painful port. I wasn’t wrong about the bp–don’t worry I alerted the nurse.

Anyway- it was good. I did a lot because he needed a lot of care. I did not have to deal with poop. I dread working with poop but welcome the experience because I want it to become a norm. I don’t want poop fear.

Anyway- as I lectured him- deep breath and ask questions. Deep breathing is to separate those little Alveoli and prevent infection–asking questions is so people like me don’t fuck stuff up.

Oh- I was out last week because midterms were more than intense. It was horrible- I passed and, for the most part, am happy with my grades. Pharm was a bit tough but I am okay. For the last half of the quarter I will not be able to post as much- don’t say Phew…! But there are some things that I want to talk about that I feel EVERYONE (not just nursing students) should understand. One of these is Fluid and Electrolytes. No, I do not mean Gatorade. I mean how you body works down to the very core. How everything is controlled and so perfectly balanced and when you upset that balance what happens. We have control over our health… for the most part. I want to discuss what we can do to maintain our fine-tune balance and what happens when that balance is upset.

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One thought on “today….

  1. Susan says:

    love each and every one of your posts; but, then, I’m your Mum… and not to worry about poop, if you don’t get over it now, you’ll get over it when you have a kid, not the cute little breast fed bugger but the 3 year old taking a shit in the hallway…

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