Last look at beautiful garments before I hit the books for midterms.

I love, LOVE Givenchy Spring 2011. Love–even more than the Barbie dresses of Ellie Saab. The reviewer said they lack some flow, and I agree but BUT they are so beautiful–once you look away from the hard bulky head gear (I did not like that and I like some strang head gear).

I must take some things into account for my own taste though–I still love shear (sheer?) even though it has been around for at least a few years now. I think it would be like wearing air. MOM!!-where’s my shirt so I can tell if its like wearing air?!?! My mom is supposed to be making me a light light barely there shirt but, and I agree, the task is daunting with so light a material.

Also- I really only started turning my eyes towards Givenchy with the Fall 2010 collection because it is luxe. So LUXE. So I am a newbie here.

I just love how beautiful it is. Yet with something different. Something not so beautiful–like these current pieces remind me of crabs or lobsters. A bit of whimsy. Also- the detail- amazing detail.

Okay- back to studying meds, birth, mentally ill, and diabetes patients. I just had to spend a moment on something else.


One thought on “candy….

  1. Susan says:

    I’m working on it, found the thread… but I like the sheer top one here the best. Actually used the human form to contribute to the image rather than just being wrapped up like a package…

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