it’s always sunny vs. its always rainy….

I am a recent transplant to PHL from PDX. I am a die-hard PDX fan and falling more and more in love with PHL everyday–or after every chicken parm and neighborhood walk. I feel I have a place to comment on Portlandia vs. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Sunny).

At first I was a little irked by Portlandia because it does not represent MY Portland. MY Portland is Beverley Clearly, Portlandia–the statue, driving I-84 in the winter, The Big Bang (the store), sailing the Columbia, and Powell’s Bookstore (yes some guys ashes are in the column outside).

But my Portland is the Portland of the 1990s. Portlandia is the  Portland now (aka everywhere elses 90s) and I still love it. I love all the things they make fun of. Apparently a lot of Portlandians don’t.

Let me say here that this whole essay is W’s fault. We started talking about it in a bar, not unlike (maybe a bit nicer) Patty’s Pub. Let me say I have not researched this AT ALL- straight up hearsay from the gossip mill and I read Steven Humphrey’s dislike to the show here. BUT from what I hear there has been a slight miffed feeling about the show. People’s feelings are hurt.

We were discussing this reaction with Philadelphia’s reaction to Sunny. So we JUST moved here. I have no idea how Philly felt (and as I said- did NO research) about the show at its inception. However–from what I’ve heard people are pretty proud of the show and love it when it films here and love the bar that Mac started. I hear Philadelphians either love Sunny, or have a grumbled response of ‘So?” (think Mac’s Mom) while downing another cheesesteak and beer.

BUT, you say, BUT Sunny is just set in Philadelphia its not only about the stereotypes. The show may be a bit more on the D.L. with regard to stereotypes because it has plot arcs but they are barely veiled and the stereotypes are much, much worse: incest, trash (part literal, and part people), empty gross bars, mean self-centered people who drink to much but are FUNNY.

SO I guess what I am saying–and this would be a bit more clear if I actually researched or didn’t write this in 5 minutes, is that the perturbed Portlandians need to not care so much. Its FUNNY- a roast! Its awesome that such an amazing city is getting some publicity. And you do paint BIRDS on EVERYTHING! STOP DOING IT!!!

Much like Sunny, Portlandia is a great show set in a great city. Makes me miss home and the new one I’ve come to love.


3 thoughts on “it’s always sunny vs. its always rainy….

  1. Susan says:

    I only saw the trailer so now I gotta track down the show and see what all the fuss is about. I thought the people in the trailer were wonderful and didn’t see stereotypes but eclectic whimsey, a unique and but inclusive view of the world… a gentler place than maybe we are but it is how we as a community want to be. Who could be insulted by clowns, that cute guy with the tattoos in his underpants or the “Second Time Around Band” and “The Gay Men’s Choir?” I suppose there are people on the West Side who don’t see themselves that way but they just haven’t moved to Beaverton or Vancouver yet, give them time. The rest of us are busy watching pond life in the bioswales or picking wildflowers off the roof tops.

  2. I’ve only heard of a couple butt sore people about Portlandia, more so in that they didn’t think it was very funny. I thought it was hilarious, and that Portland has so many bold types of people to stereotype and from which churn out comedy.

    I don’t know how funny it is to people who haven’t been to Portland, but personally I love it.

    Still a little pissed at Fred Armison for dumping Peggy from Mad Men though. Gossip mill says he was a dick.

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    I didn’t know he dumped Peggy–she is too good for him anyway. Buck up Peggy!!!

    Yeah- I like Portlandia and Its always Sunny in Philadelphia. Both cities have great stereotypes to pick from and should be proud. The only criticism is that some of the sketches were too long. but that’s it.

    I love Carrie Brownstein- not from Slater Kinny but from All Songs Considered on NPR- I love their music review shows!

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