2 things….

1. Someone came to my blog via the last post by googling ‘hate stumptown’ -I think that is super funny.


2. January is my top views month!!!! So far by 12 views!! How exciting is that! I don’t have many readers so every hit makes my super excited…even if its spam which I think part of it is. Oh well! Still counting it especially since the month to beat was May 2008- long time ago. Yay! Also- I think this blog was featured in a wordpress thing somewhere- randomly but that is exciting as well. I am slowly learning that if you put weird things in your blog like ‘Peccary’ people will happen upon you. I hope a few stay.

I am working on upping the entertainment and lowering the wordcount like any good web person should.

Oh- sidenote- I just spent 2 hours shoveling out W’s car and its snowing again. Getting to tomorrows 7am clincial will be interesting.


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