I was looking through Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring show here and I noticed that I think he is using larger models. I am on my netbook which definitly squishes things so they look wider but even on a normal computer I think the models (though still in a low, worrisome, BMI) have at least a bit of curve. They seem to wear the clothes instead of vice versa. They look great.

I guess its not a stretch for him because he applaudes larger figures. Beth Ditto from The Gossip walked the runway for him last year. I like his style and I like his view of women as NOT sticks.

Anyway- the garments are amazing and the models look great. Fun (not starved), feminine.

I hope the rest of the fashion industry follow suit and the models start looking a bit better…and ya know… not dead.

PS: sorry about the massive amounts of posts- we have had snowdays and I am procrastinating studying for midterms.


One thought on “fat?…..

  1. Susan says:

    I like extra posts… get to see what you’re thinking

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