As you all know the State of the Union Address was last night. I thought it was pretty good. To be honest I only watched it because W was watching. I usually skip it and then listen to it after or the next day–once I know everything is aok. No big surprises and O didn’t get shot. I know its stupid to worry about those things but I get so scared when people I like speak live because I worry something will happen and I won’t be able to stop it. I had the same reaction when 30 rock did their live show. I was scared someone would flub their line and then someone would start laughing and then everyone would start laughing and then the show would be ruined. Like in  Stand by Me when that boy started puking and then everyone started puking.

ANYWAY! Of course with the SoTU they start talking about Healthcare Reform again. I get SO ANGRY! I love how Rep. John Mica (R-Florida) was on NPR talking about the new speaker of the house (interview here) and various issues when he admitted that his own daughter couldn’t get healthcare! WTF!?!? Your own kid–I think its a failing of the democratic party that we didn’t take that sound bite and run with it.

I get ANGRY that I am a women of childbearing age (ie on birth control) and cannot get health insurance on my own. I get mad when today the Rs said that doctors don’t support the reform. Every doctor I’ve talked to is so frustrated with this system that ANYTHING is better–they are excited for reform.

Economy!! Think of all the people who would start new businesses if they could but they can’t because they have to keep their lousy jobs just for healthcare.

Money!! Deficit!! ERs are overrun with people who would have been fine had they have access to preventitive care but they don’t and then we, the people, take care of them when their shit hits the fan (sometimes literally–Ive seen it).

Our system needs to change. People are sick and dying. This reform is a movement towards something greater. HEALTHCARE REFORM DIRECTLY AFFECTS YOU, and ME.

Phew…got that off my chest.


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