My patient at clinical tonight had gangrene. Pretty cool…not for him…but for me to experience a patient with gangrene. I didn’t get to see it (except a picture in the chart) because the dressing had already been changed.

I got to smell it though.

It filled the room.

People say you don’t forget the smell of gangrene and I am inclined to agree. I would describe it but the only way I can think of  is too gross to write.

We should all get used to it though. With old people, diabetes, MRSA, TB, HIV and this new superbug its bound to be around and in our faces like when you had to get your leg amputated in a tent with a rusty saw and a drunk doctor during the civil war.

So please stay healthy. I don’t want anyone who’s reading this to ever smell like that.

OR, if not, you can google ‘diabetic ucler‘ and see what you’re future is like.





One thought on “green….

  1. your description was more than adequate… and remember you have a great, great, great, great uncle who was a surgeon during the civil war, was with Grant at Appomattox and commissioned to decommission the POW camps in the south after the surrender; his report is said to be in the congressional record and the Pulitzer prize winning book Andersonville was written about such gangrene… it is a hard read.

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