So I just did it–I joined Yoga Glo.

Its $18 a month which, to me, seems a bit much for online yoga classes but maybe not considering 1 yoga class usually costs as much. I have been having a hard time finding ways to exercise at home during this icy winter–running is not really an option: icy=falling on ass AND I have overdosed on my SHRED video (still highly recommended). Also there are some other reasons why I choose this route:

1. I miss being flexible. I stretch after every workout but am nowhere near where I used to be when I did yoga.

2. I cannot afford yoga classes.

3. I get bored in long yoga classes. With this site I can do a couple 15 minute classes or even just a 5 minute class. This will leave little excuses for not exercising during finals or on clinical days.

4. If its not painful and/or sweaty I don’t really like it. I have no patience (that should have been my NY resolution). I like that I can do multiple short classes but ALSO I like that they have the short really cool pose classes. I am thinking of adding one-footed-crow pose (above) to my 60 day challenge (its a goal to really get that together this week) but I don’t think I will be strong enough. BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! How cool would I be if I could DO something like THAT!

5. I want to be stronger!

6. The weight of this program (and my ability to procrastinate) is leading to some insomnia. If my body is physically tired at the end of the day I am able to sleep A LOT better–otherwise my brain will not stop. Last quarter I realized I had to stop drinking alcohol–not even 1 glass of wine and no caffeine. after 5pm if I needed sleep… now I also have to add at least some exercise every day.

So there you have it- I think Yoga Glo will help. I am not sure if its for everyone but, for me during this year, its the right option. I will let you know if I actually use it or if its something I get excited about for a week then quit.

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  1. It is reassuring to me that you know yourself well enough to understand make choices like this. Get Healthy, Be Healthy, Stay Healthy… (sounds like a Kaiser Thrive slogun but so what, thrive is good). I’m still doing my Tai Chi; missed several days while flood going on but back on track this week. I will appreciate hearing how this works for you.

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