Anatomy of a holiday card. Above is my xmas card taken apart- I will post the finished below (most of you got it though)

Here we go:

I like photo collaging- I can lose myself in it for hours and hours. And this year I wanted a Annie Lebowitz surreal, darkish, feeling of us caught in a non-everyday, everyday moment. I would never read the paper in the morning, W never does the dishes (I take that back but definitely not like that), and Rocky making pancakes- that’s hilarious! He’s a dog!

1. I take about 8 bazillion photos. Okay- more like 100–alot.

2. I go through photos and choose a background and base picture. This one had the background and my body language I liked. I did not like W in it and Rocky was shot separatly. I also did not like my face and legs.

3. Replace everything I didn’t like. Replaced my face, W, added Rocky, frying pan, and pancakes. If I were to do over I would shoot the pancakes in the shot for better lighting and coloring and perspective. For heads and faces- enlarge  A LOT- they look in proportion but they’re not. I think all editorial shoots enlarge heads. Rocky is also increased overall 50% because I wanted to highlight him

4. Replace ugliness- skin, shadows, etc.

5. Add shadow for depth- I added a shadow layer to darken the whole lower portion except rocky.

6. Add blue layer- I wanted it to be a darker, bluer photo so I added a layer of blue- this also helped bring all the pieces together too look (hopefully) like they were shot together.

7. One more thing- we shot this at night- hence the black window. Partially because I didn’t want light from the window and partially because Rocky making pancakes at night (and us in our morning gear) is super funny! Most people don’t look at this in great detail but every time I do I think about the colors, what’s in it and I laugh. I figure its pretty good if at least I laugh at it all the time.

So I hope you enjoy. Even though I should solely concentrate on school I really want to work on my photography and move beyond amateur. To do this I want to enter so photography contests. I don’t hope to win but I hope that it pushes me to take better pictures that show how people live (more like Big Picture- journalistic). I think Philadelphia has A LOT of opportunity for this.


2 thoughts on “anatomy….

  1. Susan says:

    I like the things you didn’t mention but are subliminal, perhaps… the obvious is th clock and the box of cereal… maybe rocky’s extra red tongue; the bottle of wine aimed at your hearts

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Clock and O’s are intentional (O’s are hiding a spotlight and I LOVE the O’s box cover, and the clock was to point out the time- 8 or 8). Rocky’s tongue…that’s just Rocky and partially why we love him–he has such a rough life 🙂 making pancakes for us. Wine bottle- its champagne!! Celebration!!

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