I am in class so this post might be kindof discombobulated. They are side-noting in class so not much important going on. Its the kind of side-noting that will just confuse me.

Anyway I feel like a winner today because:

1) I did kick boxing with a bag yesterday and that always leads to feeling like a winner–especially if I pretend the bag is Drexel’s financial aid dept.

2) I weighed myself yesterday for the first time after vacation. I thought I gained up to 10lbs during vacation and I didn’t. I am the same as when I left.

3) I think I passed all my medmath exams (if you don’t pass–you need a 90–you get another try but if you don’t pass that you get booted from the program). It make sense because if you can’t do medmath you might kill someone.

4) I have kept up with my N.Y.G (New Year’s Goal) of doing 50 situps a night. This means a couple times they were fast and lazy and one time I did them in my birthday suit because I forgot until right before I fell asleep (call me a hippy but I hate pjs). Not the prettiest picture.

4) My friend V did a 60 day challenge. She lost inches of her calves- I thought that was impossible but it isn’t!!! I want to do it!!!

I am determined to NOT be the norm for Drexel ACE. I want to lose a tad bit of weight and be healthy. Most people are the opposite. I am not starting the 60 day challenge today because I have to find a tape measure. But I think the goals will be to A) lose .5 inches from my calves, B) lose 5 lbs C) lose 1 inch from my waist D) lose .75 from my thighs. I have no idea if these are reasonable or not and I have to research where exactly to measure my thighs- at the fattest part??? Mainly I just want to be in better shape and a little more comfortable in my skin–no huge losses or anything. I think its good to have a challenge and I REALLY want my calves to fit in my Grandmother’s fancy boots that have been in my closet for 5 years.


One thought on “winner….

  1. Susan says:

    that’s a healthy goal, unless you do and break your ankle, at least then, you can blame your grandma… anyway, keep up the good, well rounded, work…

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