northern transit….

So yesterday I had adult health clinical. It was just orientation so I didn’t do anything with patients–just learned the computer system and met the professor who I think will be great. She is funny, yet straight forward with clear expectations, and will streamline things a bit so we don’t waste time. Also, I think she is in our corner which, at Drexel, rarely happens. Its more of a throw-everyone-in-the-shark-pool-and-see-who-comes-out-alive sort of school. Yesterday our computer person asked us about Drexel because her friend is starting in March. A lot of students are really hard on the program but I would still recommend it. If you want your nursing degree in a year of course its going to be super hard and why should they hold your hand??? You are going to be responsible for peoples’ lives. My only advice if someone were considering Drexel is to be EXTREMELY PROACTIVE with regard to any admin stuff like financial aid, prereqs, or immunizations. No one will help you, no one will tell you that you need more $$ first quarter, no one will tell you how to actually get your $$ AND they definitly won’t just give it to you. Also they advise people to stay positive. I get frustrated but when I think about how far I’ve come in just one quarter or what this program is trying to do to my brain (basically completely reform it) in one year—its going to suck, its going to hurt, but I will come out a nurse.

Anyway- so I was in North Philly for clinical which is right on the El line which is right by my house. I was all excited because I could just grab the train to clinical and not drive (usually clinicals are in the boonies…Jersey or Delaware). But Philadelphia is a city and a city like no other–its a tad bit rough. So I asked the clinical people what they thought about taking the train–a train that literally runs ten feet from the hospital. They kind of looked at me like I was crazy. You see North Philly is not safe. North Philly looks like the movie version of a bad neighborhood. Riding the train home at night by myself, a women is not safe–especially since there is a strangler strangling women in that neighborhood. Even without the strangler, walking the four blocks to the station at 9 at night would not be smart. A woman from clinical last night parked on the street instead of the garage and we looked at her like she was crazy for walking a block to her car. When I asked the instructors about taking mass transportation, aside from telling me that I shouldn’t by myself, they gave us a 30 minute lecture about how to take mass transportation in North Philly: where to put your wallet, no ipods, how to carry keys, etc.

I just bring this up because of how different Philly is from Portland or even the Northwest. I would feel comfortable taking mass transit anywhere in Portland and probably Seattle. Philly…I would take mass transit to my house and downtown. I think its just something else green people need to think about when they look down there nose at people driving. Not every city is like the Northwest and which makes that place special but I also like seeing how the rest of the world lives. Before you try to switch to a green economy you really have to make sure people won’t be hurt or killed by taking mass transit. Its sad, but sometimes you have to drive even though the train is ten feet away.


One thought on “northern transit….

  1. Susan says:

    I learned this visiting Ely and Tricia in Dallas; the only reason people can live and work there is air conditioning and the automobile. Before these, cities like Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles were dusty little towns stuck in perpetual siesta…

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