I made it back to school and have completed 2, 8 hour days of class. It seems so insy when I write it there but man- being back is hard. Tomorrow I have Adult Clinical, Thursday off, Friday Women’s Clinical, Saturday Mental Health Clinical. So I will be at a hospital 3 days a week. Makes me feel a bit better about being able to poke and prod people officially next year.

My Women’s Health (mainly focusing on maternity) teacher is awesome. There was a mixup with the registar and they scheduled a class in our room today. I thought she was going to bitch slap the Med School Professor. Its not often a nurse will do that with the almighty doctor. Doctors are almighty but sometimes I think they think they are a bit tooooo almighty. No one is almighty- that causes med errors. Anyway- she is such a character–very surface calm, prim, wears very put together skirts, with (and she said this) a bit of a temper. I wish you could meet her.

Wish me luck with clinical. Adult clinical is going to be hard but tomorrow its just orientation.


3 thoughts on “here….

  1. Susan says:

    I wish you luck, but sounds like with you teaching staff you will do just fine and good for all of you. thinking about you and glad for the check in… read Ken the part about the bitch slap and he started choking on the pistachios he was eating… says it sounds like you are learning about preventing med-errs and know: no one is almighty, we all “put our pants on one leg at a time.”

  2. ken says:

    could you elaborate a little on the bit of a temper skirt

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    She is so dainty and prim. She moves her hands just so when describing uteruses and other female bits. She is very contrary because you would expect her to cringe at the sight of female anatomy not be able to describe the scarring effects of a particular gross STI.

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