I never do new years resolutions. I usually poopoo and look down my nose at people who do them, thinking they are setting themselves up for failure and depression. When I do do them I always start them early so they are not technically new years resolutions. This year I feel I need them. I need that little boost of officialness. I might be a little not-cool but so be it. And one is not serious. W’s Aunt had a New Years resolution to learn all of the words to a Queen song -I like the idea of something light in addition to some more life changing goals.

1. Make it through nursing school, pass boards, get a job.

2. Do 50 situps a night for winter quarter

3. Only eat homemade cookies and pastries (exception for dessert with really fancy dinners)

4. Work on my insecurities (ie gain confidence–I have a private plan for this) because when I get stressed they rear a very ugly head.

5. Learn all the presidents in order and all the states and state capitals in order

So that’s it for 2011. I think these are achievable goals.

UPDATE: I forgot to put my blog goals. My blog goals are to blog here at least once a week and on the food blog at least once every two weeks. I know- I still only have 1 post but there will be more to come.


4 thoughts on “2011….

  1. Susan says:

    Aunt Marguerite had us learn all the states and state capitals in 5th grade; it is a fun game… learned all the presidents some time along the way but couldn’t say them now for money… and I’ve never done nor ever will do 50 push ups, much less in one night–especially without big-time cheating–so good luck… but I like the idea of new year resolutions without much definateness to which year the get accomplished in so:

    1. finish all the books on my Goodreads’ “currently reading” list.

    2. finish all my ufo knitting projects…yeah, right, in who’s century…

    3. finish my 3rd tai chi form–completely doable and almost done.

    4. finish and send off my end of year notes… done yesterday–hah!

    5. maintain a kind and generous heart.

    6. change my eating and exercising habits to a healthier state, as in no mainlining sugar except in my morning cereal and Sunday knitting w/ Janice and that means no expresso brownies before library knitting.

    7. none of the rest are even remotely doable so I won’t write them down…

    thanks for the platform…love, mom

  2. claire says:

    I think we decided ours would be to play our records more (+ tapes, cds, etc., most of them shoved in a trunk that we use as a coffee table/eating while watching tv area). Everything else is the usual food/exercise related stuff – snore! Happy New Year!

  3. claire says:

    PS: Susan I love yours!

  4. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Man- I have to maintain a kind and generous heart too now!!!

    Claire- I threw away all my CDs but I wish I had records. Some day!

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