Lessons, or things, I have learned on vacation:

1. When traveling south of the United States you do not flush toilet paper. This means daintily wrapping the browns and hurridly avoiding drips with the yellows and the trash needs to be changed at least once a day. It also means timing BMs so you visit the powder room at minimum.

2. You can never bring enough sunblock or varieties of sunblock. We are already out of 30 which is perfect because our golden bodies only need 15. I wish I had brought 8.

3. You can never bring enough Easy Cheese. W’s family’s tradition is to bring Easy Cheese on Christmas vacation. We started with 8 bottles and are down to 2. Easy Cheese, crackers, and papaya make a great lunch. Also- blenders, beer in cans (no glass by the pool), fruit, fruit juices, soda water, ice, coke–these are all vacation necessities.

4. Avoid being tourists- don’t bring cameras and such on the beach. They will get stolen; they already did (not mine but some of W’s family’s’) by teens with Machetes. In some countries there is not much else for kids to do.

5. All stray dogs (of which there are many South of the border) are called Superflash; plural: Superflashes.

6. You will get lots of mosquito bites but they aren’t as bad as US mosquito bites. Also- various rashes happen but are minor annoyances.

7. Vacation is hard because there is nothing to do. Remember there is always Shell Game, handstand contests, and reading. Don’t read too fast or you will get burned out.

8. Shell Game: throwing 3-5 shells/rocks in the pool and timing retrieval. Best played with at least 4 people.

9. Bring a puzzle.

10. Adjusting to vacation is hard. Vacation truly starts with the first game of Yahtzee and the puzzle border is complete.

11. Yahtzee is best after 2 drinks. Keep in mind: W is a poor winner and L is a poor loser.

12. Its okay to watch TV. TV does not mean you are wasting vacation, it means you are making sure to be as lazy as possible.

13. Do not plan too many outings. Vacation is about doing nothing.

14. Snorkeling is fun.

15. Sleep (at least) 10-14 hours a day.


One thought on “lessons….

  1. Susan says:

    sounds like Jack’s cabin at Quartz Bay sans sun block, yahtzee, and easy cheese–we did apples, cheddar, and pretzels for lunch–TV; though lots of staring out the window at the hills across the sound, searching for driftwood, and being careful of the plumbing system…

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