I am sitting in Costa Rica, drinking a mango splash (mango, club soda, lime, vodka) and watching Julie and Julia. I like this movie and I like Amy Adams performance despite what critics say.

The reason for this second post is that sometimes I feel a little down because I am 31 and have yet to save the world. In other words, I haven’t made my mark on the world, I may not even be in that direction. At the ripe age of 31 I feel like I should KNOW what I am doing here but I don’t

Julie and Julia reminded me that life is not over at 31 and may not have even really began. Julie, in the movie, is just turning thirty when she starts her blog, Julia was almost 40 and a virgin before she was married (according to the movie) and who knows how old before she started cooking.

Florence Nightingale was 30 when she started nursing.

Martha Stewart was a stockbroker at 30.

Harrison Ford was a carpenter.

Our friend and author, Clyde Rice, didn’t even publish his first book till he was 82.

So I must remind myself that 31 is not too late to make my mark. Who knows where life may lead.


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