I went to bed at 630pm last night and slept 12 hours, waking up once to see if the sun was coming up. It was nice–I missed a rowdy game of Yahtzee in which W won. I would not have taken that well because A) I am a poor loser and B) W is an even worse winner. NEVER play monopoly with us. You are warned.

Yesterday we went on a snorkel trip. I loved all of it. The 1.5 hour boat ride was fantastic with baby tunas, and once a baby flying fish, jumping everywhere and I got prime seating on the bow because everyone else was scared. They have not done as many stupid things with boats like I have. They have not steered their little inflatable with body weight at the front while planing across Lake Washington–that was stupid. How else was I supposed to get the tiny inflatable to plane by myself????

Snorkeling was good- we went to a rock off Turtle Island. Weird at first, because we were super exposed but the fish were friendly (I’m guessing well fed with bits of tortilla). The little black ones would attack if you dived down to far and got next to their home. Being attacked by a little tropical fish, though surprising, is pretty cute.

After snorkeling the boat took us to a white sand beach full of other tourists. It was nice to splash and swim but the highlight was hanging out with a Peccary. Peccarys are cute. He/she just snuffled around looking for scraps or played dead in the sand rolling slightly to get the best belly-scratching angle.

Here is a picture (not of our peccary but of A peccary:


One thought on “sleep….

  1. Susan says:

    I wouldn’t use the word ‘cute,’ but it is more so than a “big, fat, rhinocerosus’ butt” that Marcus called Ken the other day (Ken started it by calling Marcus a ‘thug.’ I was in the middle–literally–and inserted into the shock space left by the flash of image on all of us, that I thought ‘big, fat’ was redundant but “rhinocerosus’ butt” was pretty good in the name calling business.

    I wouldn’t play any game, except maybe cribbage, with any of you. The day before what will ever be known as “r.b.” day, we three got into a discussion of what a polygon was (M.’s math homework) and Marcus and I–and apparently the teacher–had it wrong and Ken and google had it right and that was hard on Marcus so it turned into a lesson on losing graciously, to Ken of all people. Later, another-get-the-dictionary word showed Ken up the loser–Marcus had wanted to put $3, no $10 on it, even ran over, picked up Ken’s hand and shook it, at least the little finger which is all that could be pealed away–so that turned into a lesson of being a good winner; neither were learned, unfortunately…

    please keep stories coming, I could picture those little black fish, poor fellows, it sounds so beautiful, but cold, funny how I can’t imagine warmth when I’m not… love mom

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