costa rica….

day 1, we are here. I have acomplished almost all my goals of vacation- laid in the sun, swam in the pool and the ocean, played with our house’s parrots, taken a bazillion photos of lizards that sun themselves on the cement wall, chased the iguana that suns itself on the other wall, taken a bazillion pictures of the dead sea turtle on the beach, and had a few beers with lime while eaten squeaky cheese. Life is grand and all of this will be repeated tomorrow.

So why am I here? I am here because I want to be and I get to do what I want on vacation. Also- I have finished 500 pages of a trashy romance novel and I need a break.

I miss Portland. I do not miss waiting for the shuttle in economy parking in Philly in 20 degree weather while my toes frooze because I insisted on wearing sandals. At least I was smart enough to wear my down jacket.

Okay- Bye!


2 thoughts on “costa rica….

  1. Violet says:

    Yay! Blogging from paradise. Pictures of your sunburn please?

  2. Susan says:

    Portland misses you, but it is f&*kin’ cold here so don’t waste your sun and warmth on missing us too much… I actually vacuumed this morning after Ken left on errands and Ely called to say I didn’t need to pick up Marcus and there seemed an endless stream of time between me and tea; that might be the extent of my holiday house cleaning and I’m eating all the susie cookies so friends and neighbors will wonder why there are only two or three in their oversized glass bowls. I finished Marcus’s serf boots which he requested, I’m sure because he thinks they are “surf” boots and am thinking of taking a scandinavian shoe making class if I have a $300 windfall between now and Jan 10 and can rationalize making shoes for xmas gifts next year–I think seasonal depressive disorder has kicked in and I don’t have any gifts for any one else except for some verrry large spoons I picked up at the restaurant supply store; good thing you got yours in early… what a bungle—love for now, mom

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