Since before finals I have been wanting to celebrate the holidays by baking something. Its cheery and the smells (especially with cookies) make a home cozy. Added, we leave the country on Thursday so this is my only oppurtunity to celebrate by baking. What I was going to bake were these.

Now I am not going to. I am not going to because I am not happy with my body. I have actually lost weight since being in Philly but I think it was mainly muscle. I don’t care about weight so much but I am not happy with myself and my choices. SO the buck stops here. I am not going to make cookies and eat them allbymyself (W doesn’t really eat sweets).

Don’t be depressed. While doing shred, when I was pondering this, I thought of all the other better things I could make that I enjoy just as much that I could make. EXAMPLES:

Hot Chocolate: I make it from scratch with lowfat milk, powdered (swiss processed) chocolate, only a tinsy bit of sugar, hot red pepper flakes, and cinnamon. The result is a warming mexican hot chocolate that really isn’t that bad for you because its not oversweet or overfat. Maybe its cause I don’t eat candy, or because I am older now but I really don’t like sweet hot chocolate.

Crepes: I love crepes and I think I am pretty good at making them. Plus you just add the littlest bit of flavor and they’re perfect. I am want to research (by French Standards) what an ideal crepe is and maybe use more egg whites to make a healthier, filling, version.

Limeade: part of why I wanted to make those particular cookies is because I go through phases of being obsessed with Limes and Lemons. I am in one of those phases. But instead of taking it out on cookies I can just make an occasional limeade- like how they serve it at Vietnamese restaurants.  I love that crap- plus I can mix it upveryonceandawhile with al hot toddy- basically the same thing except with lemons, HOT water, and Burbon.

There were a couple other things that I was thinking about but I can’t remember what they were. Anyway- maybe once I get these down and take photos you will see them pop up on my other blog. Definitly the hot chocolate and crepes- might have to wait till summer for the Limeade.

Cheers to making healthy choices!


2 thoughts on “thought….

  1. ken says:

    had a call from Michelle McCary today, she is thinking of you and sending greetings

  2. Susan says:

    got to read this am while making my coffee; our crepe recipe works well with half of the eggs being replaced by egg whites–egg yolks contain the fat/cholesterol but also the iron, and are a rich source of it; your hot chocolate sounds quite traditional: Aztec women used to take such to church and sip through the mass, a priest tried to get it banned from the services, but the women had enough power that he was banned–decapitated–instead, and they kept sipping their pepper spiced cocoa…

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