Quick post! Here is a video from our trip to Montreal- W made it. I will try and have photos up after finals but they will probably be on FB and just a few here- FB is just so dam easy. Also- annual postcards should get to my doorstep this week and will soon appear in a mail box near you. I hope you like them. We had a lot of fun making them- and surprisingly minimal stress. I don’t think W understood my vision until after everything was edited together- its crazy to see where a photo starts and then where it ends up- at least for me- it involves a lot of photo editing. Partially to get the color, over exaggeration,  and depth I want–and partially the special effects- you will see what I mean.  I think that is a post in itself- the making of an annual postcard.

Another thing I have been thinking about is making a ‘kids’ book- in soft quotes because its mainly for adults. And it would be just of Rocky…sleeping. What do you think? It would be short run so I couldn’t sell it for less than $15 a copy (already price checked). But would you buy one? Wesley and I spent most of the train ride arguing over profit sharing percentages- I think the guy across from us was trying not to laugh the whole way- or cry because he probably thought we were vehemently arguing over something…you know…real. Anyway- we were arguing over the last 5% -he wanted 33-35% and I wouldn’t budge above 30% (for his share) and Friday in the answer dawned on me. 30/65 split (my idea and work, his dog) with the last 5% going to a dog charity.

Let me just remind you that this was at least a 6 hour debate over a book that is A) not made B) no one will buy and C) will not have any profits if someone actually did buy it.

This is no longer a quick post. Back to studying. Here is the video:



6 thoughts on “montreal….

  1. ken says:

    the young honey in this post definitely looks french

  2. Susan says:

    I would buy one of those books (’cause I’m your mom), maybe two ’cause Marcus will want a book aboout a dog he knows… and you both could pass, if you keep your mouths closed ’cause I can hear your English accent pretty clearly there, but you wouldn’t pass for a Vermonter: they say “oot” and such like…

  3. Susan says:

    also, I was in Montreal in ’67, and doesn’t look like it’s changed much… except for maybe the Happy Days statue…

  4. Thuha says:

    You and W are too cute! I would definitely buy your book for at least $20 or anything under $50 is fine with me as long as it is signed, especially since it might be a limited run and therefore a collectors. Also I think you guys need your own reality series to which I will buy your DVDs too. I had a rough week and your blog is much needed therapy. You always have that je ne c’est quoi about you that puts a smile on my face.

  5. Violet says:

    I can picture that conversation exactly. In fact, I’m pretty sure I witnessed it, except you were trying to explain to W. what an awesome singer you were.

    And you KNOW I would by that book, for Pedro of course.

  6. lmsanderswilcox says:

    I am going to work on the book this week but the idea keeps getting bigger and bigger so we’ll see if it happens. ALso- W and I are still discussing terms–though he did tentativly agree.

    The book would definitely be around $20. BUT I am already thinking of (of course after I print a million!) of doing a short, collectors eddition with gold embossing- see it will be half drawing/ half photo- so the drawing would all be gold foil emboss- that might be more like $50–maybe if I could do spot color gold it would be cheaper but I haven’t had good luck with it printing right.

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