if ever….

If ever you are taking a pathopysiology test and you get hung up on the word ‘mechanism’ for gastric protection, don’t overthink it and put something stupid like rapid generation of gastric cells, just put mucous protection. So what if it doesn’t make sense as a process- the process would involve something in the goblet cells that produce the mucous. Don’t worry about it. The answer is always mucous. Just an FYI.

So here is a tidbit. I have pairings. I pair different drinks with different fast food (or I used to before I stopped drinking soda…for the most part- I don’t like how my teeth squeek after I drink it).  Here is the list:

Taco Bell: Dr. Pepper- all the way no arguments.
Burger King: Orange
McDonalds: McDonald’s Coke-special recipe
Pizza: Root Beer
Subway: Lemonade or Arnold Palmer
Dairy Queen– no matter what you order, food or icecream treat: Mister Misty Slushie Cherry with an extra shot of cherry flavor so its SUPER sour
Movies: Coke Zero- but I get stressed and anxious if I have fake sugar so really I don’t eat/drink anything at the movies anymore- going to the movies has lost its luster
Good coffee shops, Starbucks: house coffee or double 16oz americano- either with light whole milk, occasional iced latte or hot dry cappuccino.
Other drinks: Order a LARGE (64ozer) ice water at any Fast food place. It tastes super refreshing after consuming large amounts of sodium indicative of Fast food.


I don’t eat at Chipotle, Arbys, Wendys, Burgerville (seriously could sit down for those prices), or Taco Bell’s competitor- forget the name.


3 thoughts on “if ever….

  1. Susan says:

    thanks for the whimsy, remember that fast food place in Hood River–Wesley will remember the name–where we could get a great little hamberger or egg salad sandwiche for a dollar? Think we drank coke, or milk, probably milk cause you have such beautiful bones… and I’m done taking any more tests, much less patho-phys. tests; glad you almost are done too…

  2. Thuha says:

    Congrats on being half way done with school Lea! Since I can’t be there to eat rice crispies and sip on Coca Cola like its espresso for breakfast with you, I will be apart of your cheerleading squad instead. Remember our Walkmen to Walkmen concerts and our stop for Mister Misty? Love your pairings – so classy and right on!

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    The ranch? I still love The Ranch! Milk- I still love milk.

    Thu- you are very much missed here. Growing up means no more crispies and coke- oatmeal and coffee now. BORING! The Walkmen to Walkmen was one of the best adventures ever- it was so much fun. And also the drive in the Gorge in the snow- so beautiful and frosted that I almost don’t think it really happened- but I have the pictures- on my trunk!

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