made it….

made it through the weekend. I thought my pathophysiology test was hard last week but my quiz on Friday in 112 (class name is too long to write- basically nursing assessment) was insane. Everyone studied, everyone was freaking out afterwards. And then I ruined my weekend.  But I got through! I just found out I did well on the quiz- I am probably not going to get an A in the class but I am working really hard for a B and proud of it.

I am not sure about the rest of you but I never thought of nursing as hard. Nurses never really stood out as being great students or academically inclined. I know the field is changing, getting more demanding, but I think nurses must always have been amazingly smart, in addition to empathetic, people. I was just an asshole.

I think this because, though I am not a genius I can usually get pretty good grades without really trying. In fact, I believe I spent most of college not trying (I had a lot on my mind) and did well. Okay 3.07, not great but still okay. Nursing school makes me try really hard and still be perpetually afraid that I will fail. Nursing school is the hardest thing I have attempted. I am here, I like it, but holy crap!

Its not just me either. I could always study more (like now for instance). Some of my classmates are 4.0 biology majors that went to good schools or people who were planning on med school but because of life instances didn’t go. They study like crazy and are getting their asses handed to them.

Also, let me say this about the med school people. If you want to go to med school, go to med school. More and more I am learning that nursing is not a doctor’s assistant or basically a simpler, dumber, version. Nursing is very different.

Most doctors would not make good nurses and vice versa. I think its because you don’t think about direct answers. Yes you plan immediatly for discharge and set goals for your interventions BUT sometimes these goals aren’t as tangible as perscriptions and most have to deal directly with being human– full of pitfalls and error. Nurses, as their job, have to recognize this and plan for it. I feel like doctors might not like that portion of nursing and some of my classmates, the almost-med-schoolers, don’t do well because they don’t understand it.


3 thoughts on “made it….

  1. ken says:

    you go girl||||||

  2. Walkawayssusan’s Blog at word press and will try to link you and vice versa and need your grandparent’s address again…

  3. Bj says:

    Your my hero!!!!

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