Yes I can spell- this is not a blog post about veins but about vains. I gotsta vains!!! I am vainy!!

BTW I should be studying for a quiz tomorrow but …. I am lazy as well as vainy.

You see, when I was 27 or 28 I went to my dear friend Ashley to get my hair done. Not just a cut because Ashley is very great at what he does and he provides hair care that is tip top and fabulous and he is married to my friend J who is equally fabulous and they just bought a house- congrats!! Okay- back on track-

So I went to see Ashley and right in the middle of cutting my bangs he holds up a hair smack dab in the center of the fringe and says ‘Gray!’ This is when I got vainy.

As most of you know I have naturally dark brown hair- the gray does not meld well. That is when I started dying my hair. At first I told myself that it was because I wanted richer, different, color but that is not true– I can not deal with the gray; which is now grays.

At the rip old age of 31.25 I have 7-10 grays. W likes to take credit for most of them but I having a feeling it has more to do with workandschoolandworkandschool.

The grays are mainly on the front of my part for all to see and then a couple others scattered about. I am not ready for it. I do not like it. I tell myself that once I pop out one or two (have not decided on the amount yet) kiddos I will be okay with it. But will I ever be okay with grays? Probably not.

It’s days like this when I feel like I can see my skin melting; losing elasticity and feel my breath get shallower as my lungs atrophy. This is not really happening but I have just started seeing the signs that I am not a 21 year old freebee with the world on my fingertips.

But here’s the otherside. I am so happy here. I don’t want to deage back to 21. 21 was fun, but incredibly stressful and insecure. However, that doesn’t really help with the myskinisfallingoffmy-
faceandmyhairisgrossandpeoplearestaringatmywrinkles feeling.

This was not supposed to be a diatribe but apparently talking about my grays uncorked a bottle.

So yes, I admit it, I am older, I do have 7-1,0 adequately covered by organic hair dye, grays


4 thoughts on “vainy….

  1. claire says:

    lol! started dyeing your hair – when i met you several jillion years ago you were dyeing your hair blue in the dorm bathroom sinks, no? i realize this is about grays (aack) but still funniez! pls. don’t freak about wrinkles n stuff i’m older wah!

  2. Yeah, well when I was your age I had the same number or so of grays, but 2 years later they were definately a frost, however…your Dad and I split, I met Ken, moved to Portland–alright, maybe not quite in that order–and, know what? My hair turned that beautiful shade of treacle again, so I had an interesting crop of neapolitan hair. The moral to this story is: forget the dye, wrinkle cream, lazer treatments, botox, and chin lifts… forget it all, let go, be the age you are as happily as you sound. Follow your star and you, too, will have neapolitan hair, at least until your late 50s and then it’ll look like somebody mucked about in it with a paint brush full of silver.

  3. PS: I changed the wrong place on my blog and it doesn’t say Susan any more, not that it ever did but I want my blog name to be the “rain…” thing and not my name and if you have any ideas, I’d appreciate it. You even got your 5000 days in your photo and that is so cool but I just be happy to have the name right.

  4. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Yeah- I do always dye my hair but now I just dye it brown not to express myself so much, though I do like the warmer chocolate color.

    Mom- no wrinkle creams or laser or botox but, for now, I like dying my hair. I think it represents a healthy level of vainity- ot too excessive and not too expensive. Will you email me your blog again?!?! I keep trying to enter it and I am getting it wrong. Also- can I link it here?

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