we are losers….

Rocky, the Boxer, really prefers to eat as near to his people as possible (he also has to get as close to your face as possible when he wakes up which usually involves a lot of pain from misplaced paws and drool on the recipient but that is another story). Rocky is also a rather awkward eater, not to mention drinker, so when he eats he gets one kibble and carries it to the living room in his mouth. He then throws his head around trying to eat it on the one side of his mouth where there are teeth. This usually means the kibble comes flying out and lands somewhere in our long-shag throw rug. He does this with each kibble in his bowl until W or I get annoyed and stand next to his bowl in the kitchen. On Sundays, our weekly top-to-bottom cleaning day (Ws favorite day of the week) we shake the carpet out and hundreds of kibbles fall out. This is what I mean by Loser, Rocky is a Loser; a kibble Loser.

I am also a Loser but not with food or kibble. On monday I lost my itouch. Drexel was very thankful for our 38K in tutition and gave each student an itouch at orientation. I lost my 38K itouch on monday. I was so proud of myself. Between classes I used it for tunes when I ran 4 miles up around the art museum. Somewhere between the gym and the library it was lost. I was hot (its super humid here this week), flustered, and had too much stuff.

I realized it I had lost it after my last class and frantically went to the library, the gym, and finally was heading to the drug store when I realized I threw a bunch of wrappers in the trash of a food cart. Did I throw it in the trash??? Your  thinking that is highly unlikely but this is not you this  is me. When I am flustered and overwhelmed I do stuff like putting my umbrella in the freezer, putting the icecream on the glassees shelf, putting my glasses under the bathroom sink. I am incredibly absentminded. I could have accidentally thrown my 38K Itouch in the trash with my Think Thin (chocolate crunch are super good and no fake sugar) wrapper.

But amazingingly I didn’t. I left it in the library and the finder got to my facebook through it and posted that she had found it which started a cute thread (many FBers said so). My Mom was also kind enough to remind me that  “It is not that you come from a family of losers, just people who lose stuff with some regularity. Good luck in connecting with this Good Samaritan. (We are finders, too).”

She is right. I do come from a family of losers but we are also finders. We have found a lot over the years: Rocky’s lost kibble, 100s of lost contacts, a sign that said ‘Lucky Lea’ floating in the river, a W, beautiful plants that I kill on a regular basis, kittens, and some pretty amazing friends.

Added Bonus: here is a picture of Rocky waking up after surgery for benign Boxer mouth tumors and teeth cleaning.


4 thoughts on “we are losers….

  1. Violet says:

    Yay! Love finders.

  2. Susan says:

    this is wonderful, thanks for a glimpse into you; I read it to Ken who said “humfph” which means he appreciated hearing from you too since he can’t figure out how to access your blog even though I set it up for him–he hates me overfunctioning, even when he asks me to, like every other red-blooded american male; he won’t even acknowledge that it is a good thing that I love him because it would mean he is vulnerable, like no one knows??? so, “humfph” to you too and love MOM

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Thank you for the humfph- that is a compliment! I miss stopping by in the mornings and checking in.

  4. claire says:

    oops i haven’t checked for a few days! I love this! i’ve spent many a time helping find things hehe. my favorite was the contact on the floor at the concert!

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