just fine….

I made it through midterms. I thought it would be relaxed studying because classes, labs and clinicals would be canceled for the week. It was hell. I felt like I was clawing my way to Friday.

But I am here–on Saturday–and I did pretty well. One grade is still out but its for a class that I think is crap so I don’t really care. I should, but I don’t. Anyway other grades are: 108,86, 98, 90,90– I am happy. The 86 irks but it shouldn’t. I am super excited and if I keep it up I should be aok for finals–especially with some extra studying time around Thanks Giving.

The only issue is that we still have check out for assessments and that is pass fail. I just signed up for assessment review and will be spending a lot more time at the practice lab. Still- its so crazy that one whole quarter comes down to 20 minutes at the very end.


One thought on “just fine….

  1. Thuha says:

    Good work Lea! Never had a doubt you would do well!

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