morning light….

This morning a traveling nurse came to my house to get some health stuff for my life insurance policy. Hey! Don’t off me yet! I have life insurance to cover my student loans should I pass away. I have an awesome Mom who was willing to cosign with me so I could get a super low interest rate and I don’t want her to get stuck with payments should something happen.

So she came (I was still alseep- very sorry about that–I forgot she was coming) and we chatted and I peed in a cup and and she took some blood. The last thing she did was weigh me. I have not weighed myself since moving to Philly- we don’t have a scale and my gym scale is in the main workout room–no way am I getting on that thing in front of all the super fit people. So she weighed me for the first time in months- I have lost 5 lbs and its a real loss! It was 5lbs lower then what any hormonal changes could account for. She even misread it lower and I had to tell her it was a bit higher (she got off on her line counting) but it was definitly around 8lbs lower than what I was and I am counting 3lbs for hormone variation. That is pretty cool- super cool because of my IUD weight issues.

Despite my not sleeping (which is only recent) I have been eating a lot healthier and I don’t eat out very much and I exercise but I am not manic about it (I may have been a tad manic before and mania never helps). Super excited to continue on this path.

Here is a pic of my wounds. AND my skull shirt which is my favorite because its mediciny yet also edgy.


2 thoughts on “morning light….

  1. very cool, all of it: the wound, the weight loss–I didn’t want to say anything but dealing with my back from Sept 1 to Oct 1 approx. I lost 3 lbs on the Kaiser scales; I was so excited my weight is going down instead of up; I think we only pay attention to our own weight like that, not anyone elses unless they take up 3 chairs on the airplane–and the super, super cool skull shirt. I’m kinda jealous about the shirt, in fact. And I wouldn’t show it to Marcus because he would care and have a hard time not asking you for it off your back…

  2. Violet says:

    mediciny yet edgy. Phrases like that make me miss you. Also stories about you accidentally drinking rainwater from a cup with sea shells in it. Can’t wait to visit.

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