and so it begins….

I like school, I like Philadelphia. However, it is beginning–the pressure of school. Thoughts of studying, writing, and learning skills weigh down on my head constantly. I do not study as much as some and that causes stress in itself.

So study more, relieve the pressure. The issue is -I am fine. My grades, and skills are good (I do have confidence issues with taking pulses–it is the vital that seems to varying the most in strength among different people).  No matter how much I study that pressure never goes away. It won’t for the next year. I have to get used to that.

The last two weeks its been affecting (along with some other things) my sleep. I can’t let it go and I am even thinking of grabbing some tylenol pm or something. I won’t but that the idea came into my head is a pretty big deal. Instead I make sure I study each night- even just a little and try to exercise everyday (just a little) and thorough workouts at least three times a week. An exhausted body will sleep. I also keep a good book I’ve read a dozen times by my bed. Currently I have Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurie on the night stand. Its a tad bit dark though–might be adding to the problem. Its so good though!!

Anyway- I know most of my classmates don’t sleep. They don’t even get near what I get. It doesn’t help though. There are studies that show if you choose sleep over studying you will do better on tests. Experts don’t know much about sleep but they think part of its purpose is to write the day’s events into your brain–this process often comes out as your dreams.

The other night during clinical lab a classmate and I were practicing our skills with our professor. My classmates vitals were very high- so high the professor almost sent her to the ER. She didn’t but did have her come back and recheck them the next day. It turns out my classmate chugs coffee and only sleeps 1-2 hours a night at most. This was literally killing her.

I know killing seems too strong but your heart only has a limited number of beats. If you use those faster by chugging coffee and not sleeping thus increasing your heart rate and blood pressure–your body wears out faster.

I am not saying that a couple nights of no sleep or a light coffee habit is deadly but keep in mind your body.

I am older now and even have a few gray hairs (gasp!). Not super old mind you. I know now what I do affects me physically and mentally. Man, if only I had known what I know now when I was 21….Ha kidding! 21 was fun.

I guess what I am saying is that I am concerned about my stress levels and studying but I also understand my need for health, exercise, and downtime distractions. If I can maintain this balance I will do well in school and keep my sanity.



3 thoughts on “and so it begins….

  1. claire says:

    I agree with the more sleep the better – you can only cram so much in your head every day, more hours does not equal better studying. You’ve got it under control, even if it doesn’t feel like it – you rule!! How was cake/pie??

  2. Lauren and I were at the light bulb store today, she has a prescription from her doctor for a full spectrum bulb as part of her warding off depression issues and I was going to buy her one. The lady behind the counter is a Portland personality that I’d heard about 6 years ago in my pain management classes and very opinionated. She was great with Lauren after she found out the beautiful child has depression issues and gave her the whole speil about the different bulbs: for study she needs a Finnish SAD bulb–those Finns know a thing or two about sunlight depravation–for waking up a halogen bulb, closest to sunlight’s spectra, on timer but don’t use it 45-60 mins. before trying to sleep… and in class sit next to the windows and as far away from flourescents as possible… but, what is relevant for you, and me too, is to eat breakfast with protein. Good you are writing about the anxiety and working to stay ahead of it. Try not to let sleep loss go for more than a few days before you talk to your doctor about it. In pain management they spent a whole class on sleep and its relationship to metabolism and mental health and coping. Sleep, apparently, is like heart beats in its way; what you lose, you can’t get back again…on the other hand being anxious about not sleeping makes it harder to sleep so I keep a book– currently “Heritage of Rome” and lately “Henry I” and “Henry II”–and a flashlight by my pillow.

  3. lmsanderswilcox says:

    The cake pie–I am writing a post about it for my cooking blog that I haven’t started yet. It will be the first post- a review of cake I bought will be the first post on a blog about semi-healthy homemade cooking… But in short–the cake pie was something one must do once, like fried cheese curds in Wisconsin, but it wasn’t that great. Anyway- I have pictures and stuff so I will let you know when its up!

    I want a light thing. I saw one here: but its expensive- maybe ebay.

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