Fried tired….

So tired, so fried. 1 exam and 2 quizzes. The first ones are always hardest. I think I did well on the two quizzes which were telltales for the rest of the quarter because the testing style of nursing exams is very different…like the LSAT if you have experienced it. I have but that is another story, another blogspot. They focus on critical thinking so all of the answers may be right (all multiple choice) but you have to figure out which one is the MOST right. The other one, the exam, I didn’t do as well on but it was for Patho and I studied the same way I did for the others- that needs to change–more of a flash card thing. So easy fix and my grade will be better. It was good- just not as good as I wanted.

Anyway- I was so stressed I haven’t really slept in two days. So I am here writing this post and watching Love Story, exhausted while my chipper W boyfriend went out to find sheenanigans. I couldn’t even look jazzed (though I was) over his new jacket and some fancy suits he wants to buy. W does look very nice in suits. I wish I was up for sheenanigans or some sort of hell-raising or anything that involved moving from the couch but I had to rain check….rain check for maybe the next year.

Love Story is being too much of a love story so I have to find the remote.

OH- hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have a new blog. I am not abandoning this one but I have been teaching myself how to cook things. Not a lot because this is me we are starting with but I think it will be a fairly entertaining food blog. It will be messy 🙂


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