goal thinking….

I operate by goals. I cannot believe I am the only one. Why else would they break quarters into exams, quizes, homework and daily reading. I know its for assessment but I also think its so students can break a class into manageable goals. I do this with EVERYTHING: laundry, cleaning, writing, drawing, wandering, shopping, and cooking. Its prettly much how I think…I think in goals.

Yesterday W said he was taking Rocky for a walk on the long park by the river and asked if I wanted to come. Of course I wanted to go and spend some time wandering by the river. However, I didn’t realize how long of a walk it would be and that there wouldn’t be any goals. No goals! Just turning around whenever we felt like it. That could mean walking FOREVER! After about a quarter mile and two bridges I couldn’t handle the ennndddllleesss walking. I melted, quit.

I found a sunny block of marble next to some statues by the river and told W to continue without me. He was a little grouchy but he didn’t realize the beast I would become if I had to continue–especially when I knew I had a half-finished mystery novel and a sandwhich in my bag. I was completely content on that sunny block while he continued for who-knows-how-many-miles. It was worth it despite the day full of teasing (which will probably brought up constantly for the next few months, if not years) about how I was so lazy I just lay down on walks. Let me tell you…soooo worth it.

Here are the couple pics I took:

Swollen Schuylkill River

The view from my sunny block:


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