scrubbing in….

So for school, twice a week, we wear scrubs. We wear them for labs and clinicals; clinicals so we fit in and look professional in a hospital setting while also screaming DREXEL STUDENT HERE!!! and at labs, I think, so we are dressed appropriately–no open toed shoes!–but also to underline our nursing habits.

Well- I want to say that I am a fashion forward person–pretty much fashion psychic because scrubs are all the rage and not just in hospitals.

Prada Spring 2011 show (via

My scrub top looks exactly like that except its buttercup yellow and states: ‘Drexel College of Health Sciences’ on it.

So according to those two days a week, in addition to loose V-neck shirts– very white, all white, shoes will also be in vogue. Especially white platform clogs. Go buy a pair now!



One thought on “scrubbing in….

  1. claire says:

    Have I mentioned my extreme jealously of the medical profession and their scrubs? I think lawyers should have scrubs too. All we do is sit around in our offices, why dress up?

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