back (addendum)….

I just wanted to add a couple things to the list:

1. People here are friendly. I am not used to it at all. People in the NW are nice especially when you get to know them but here strangers are outwardly nice and helpful. This morning I talked with an older woman, heavily accented, about her blueberry water ice for a good 10 minutes until the subway arrived. If I were in Portland I would think she was ‘off’ or maybe a tad schizophrenic but here you enter into conversations like that all the time. Here, people smile at you as you walk down the street or say ‘Good _____ (enter time of day).’ At first, I kept thinking something was wrong with me–did I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe? In Portland if someone smiles at you and you don’t know them they are either A) stalking you or B) secretly, perhaps ironically or sarcastically if they are hipsters, laughing at you. If someone you don’t know smiles at you then something is definitly wrong. I guess people here are just politely nice; Philadelphia is a city of brotherly love.

There were some other things I wanted to comment on but I can’t remember them- maybe next time but I also want to start writing about nursing school so maybe not. Are you ready for a recitation on Cancer?!?!?


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