different directions….

If you approach the same spot in Philadelphia (Ph) from a different direction it could look completely different. The city as a whole is like this- we approached from the West and Ph looked green and lush. If you approach from any other direction it would look grimy and industrial. My first impression of Ph was that it was beautiful and familiar (like coming into PDX from the Zoo); I am not sure if I would feel the same comfort had we approached…from say….Camden, New Jersey.

Our neighborhood (will post pics soon!) is fairly consistent: a slowly gentrifying 1700s ‘Fishtown’ suburb of the old city that is now another part of Philadelphia. We live next to a graveyard that has stones so old that their inscriptions are gone- the earliest one I could read was from 1810. I don’t think there is anything that old in PDX. In fact, our rental is probably older than the state of Oregon.

Our rental, now with our stuff–our home. It is a rehab like a lot of neighboring row houses but the owner lived in ours for a while so it was rehabbed well. Some other rentals we looked at were rehabbed but underneath a coat of paint were years of grim. We also have a useable backyard–hard to come by in Ph.

I going on a subway rid downtown and want to grab a couple shots of downtown and then will load my pictures- from the house, trip, and Ph in general. They will be up or on Fb later this evening!


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