So we are here, Philadelphia PA. Its pretty- we approached from the West which is full of forest right to the edge of the city. Beautiful. Then got lost (our hotel can only be reached by the opposite direction no matter which way you are going) and spent an hour driving through downtown and the neighborhood where we are looking to rent. Downtown- where we were- reminded me of Manhattan but older; maybe Philly has more lasting architechture but maybe it just looks older. I like it. Our potential neighborhood is cute, partially trendy, but way more raw and gritty than PDX gets. That last part is a little daunting but I will survive and Flourish!

Its 11 o’clock here and I should be sleeping. We have to get up extra early to take Rocky to doggy daycare for the day. He needs to make early morning introductions to the other dogs. It will be a big day for him. He’s being a little insecure and whines slightly when W leaves the room because we have been so many strange places.

I am a little insecure as well but I know I have a month to adjust before hardcoreness must set in. Its also not as scary as moving to The Dalles because I am not alone and also because its a large city. I find a lot of comfort in cities- its openness that scares me.

It is a city! Its huge- I just looked out at it’s distant lights and its still seems so big; at least the building have similar shape, if not size and color, to Portland- I like the familar. The houses are so totally differently- all row houses squished together. I like them a lot but I will have to adjust to the lack of breathing room. If we get a little cramped we can always head west into the forest for a breather.

Oh- the rest of the trip out here was great. It was really only 4 driving days and only two of those were long. We stopped in Alexandria MN for a hilarious visit with a friend- seriously the funniest guy around and we also went to a cheesie hotel waterpark and the county fair. County fairs, as and adult when you have money, are fun. I was reminded that rides are Fing scary. Next, we went to Wausau WI to visit my dad. I don’t get to see my Dad and his wife R very often so it was a good visit that included a watching a whitewater kyak tournament. That’s it for now- I will check in when I have a moment. Miss everyone so much already!!!!!!!!!!! Its really starting to sink in that I am far away. ttyl L


One thought on “home….

  1. claire says:

    so glad to see an update 🙂 happy the city is cool so far!!

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