Miles City MT….

That’s where we are. Around 1000 miles from PDX. We drove 860 miles yesterday, of which I drove around 500. I am very proud of myself. I don’t think I have ever driven 500 miles in a day. Plus its shorter in MT because I probably averaged 85 mph. Heh. 65 is going to seem slllloooowww. Our next stop for lunch is Bismark which I am excited about because that’s where my grandmother grew up. She talks about it sometimes and for awhile she and my grandfather had a vacation house there that I didn’t get a chance to visit. I know- who has a vacation house in Bismark ND? A Wilcox, that’s who! Anyway- we will be pit stopping there with a final destination for the night of Alexandria Minnesota where we will be playing in lakes for a few days before heading out. I like playing in lakes.


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