Awhile ago I posted about a trip to visit W’s mom in Hermiston, OR (famous for their watermelons in addition to being W’s Mom’s town). So we are here again- I am drinking blueberry juice and soda water watching the family make dinner around me…it is really nice. Not just because I am with W’s Mom and Stepdad (as earlier noted they are awesome!) but also because I am done…
Done packing
Done cleaning
Done sneezing (I have been really allergic to something in my room- spiders?)
Done with work
Done with PDX…sad but healthy.
It was weird watching PDX disappear from the freeway but I don’t think it will really hit me until our first 12 hour driving day tomorrow. When we don’t turn around and head back to PDX.

Sidenote: There was a huge black widow in a jar in the coffee shop this morning. Fing SCARY looking!


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