medical issues….

So I have not blogged in a long time. I would not be blogging now except for a work happy hour has led to…lets just say… the need to write. So why have I left off blogging? Well, I just don’t feel like what I write is engaging–I need a story, a plot, a purpose. Not to dissapoint, I haven’t come up with it yet. I have come up with a couple cocktails and a glass of wine. By couple I mean 3. Yes…that is a lot for me–one who doesn’t drink most of the time.

Anyhoo- YES I have had medical issues. I have had a fairly crappy immune system since I was a child. I have had boils (gross) and years where I will get sick at the drop of a hat. WELL you know how women manicure their bikini line, well sometimes that leads to bumps. Trim the hedges!!! I get those bumps on occasion and this time one of those bumps got a tad bit worse. I won’t go into the gross deets but lets just say it was very painful and not pleasant and finally I went to the doctor. Her eyes were WIDE. don’t worry this is nowhere near the STD zone.  But she did prescribe some antibiotics and didn’t have to cut it open (it took care of that the night before–gross!!!) which would have sucked. I had to have that done when I was little with a misquito bite that went bad and it was horrible- pus and pain everywhere. Anyways I am feeling super now. The cool thing about this sort of wound is that it doesn’t look gross or anything- just a tad puffy so I can still get some action from W when he gets back from travels. WHOA-TMI!!!!

The other compound issue, and why I didn’t see the DR for awhile is because I had just gotten a Hep B vaccine. OMIGOD this sounds so bad- NO I am not sleeping around or doing drugs. I have to get the vaccine as a Nursing Pre-req because patients, not me, sleep around and do drugs or were hemophillacs in the 80s and got it through a transfusion. Anyway vaccines can leave you with flu-like symptoms so I thought it was that for awhile. May have been both. Can’t wait for my next round of vaccines….

On to business. I applied for a school loan this week. I kept waitning and waiting for someone to tell me what to do and then I realized no one was going to tell me what to do. So I decided and am now 48k in debt. WHOOO!!!! While I am in school I make interest payments so the total cost of the loan won’t be totally insane. Insane, but not totally insane. Also I got fingerprinting which is a werid experience. Its seedy and the place I went is also a PI/Notary. Weird, I walked in on an odd conversation that I feel like someone will shoot me if I share. I would not be suprised if it had mob ties. Anyway- crossed that off this list. This week, while W is out of town, is all about crossing shit off the list. Next, my room.


One thought on “medical issues….

  1. claire says:

    you are a hilarious drunky drunk blogger! love you lea!!

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