honoring my bike….

I would just like to take a moment to thank my bike. I have had it since I graduated highschool in 1997. Some years I use it a lot, some barely at all. Lately, I use it almost everyday. I love my bike. Its a purple trek with extended handle bars that were only cool in 1997. So it may be a tad bit beat up, a tad out of fashion but it has served me well over the years with barely any monetary investment or maintenance.

So here’s to my ugly bike! I love you Bike! I am excited to take you to Philly and ride in even more traffic! Yes, you are missing a couple of bumps on your sprockets, your chain may be a tad rusty, and your seat may be losing padding BUT you are way better than those super chi chi expensive bikes that need replacing every two years. You last, and though I might think about replacing you every once in a while I won’t because A) no one will ever steal you and B) we are friends…if one can be friends with an inanimate object.

Cheers Bike!


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