I am trying to post more because I have so much stuff to say but, alas, it is sunny and I am often tired. Also- I injured my space-bar thumb leg wrestling last weekend which makes it a tad bit hard to type.

Which brings me to the fact that, though retired from injuries sustained during competition, I am the Native American (we do not say Indian) Leg Wrestling Champion.

See image below- notice how I am just lying (in my incredibly lovely BCBG sweater dress) there while my opponent is blurry from getting flipped. I believe my championship title is curtsey of massive amounts of kick-boxing aerobics. I am a little worried that my butt might be too hardcore because it can flip a large man. That is just not right.

It was also W’s birthday- for the next month he will be a year older than me. I point this out often.

For his birthday I got him (aside from oyster dinner- the dude can put away massive amounts of oysters so Oyster dinner was pretty perfect) The Wire Complete Series- he already owns The Wire but as separate seasons. He LOVES The Wire. I may get dumped if I don’t watch it.

Oh- last weekend was the first river day- that was pretty awesome.

Leg wrestling


One of our river spots. The first of the summer.

Sea Monster- nope its me!


2 thoughts on “stuff….

  1. Thuha says:

    The river looks pleasant and I swear the daisies shot is straight out of Twilight.

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    IT is the most amazing river spot!

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