more injuries….

But NOT MINE!! My brother and I did an off trail run on Mt Hood last weekend. OR we tried. I was SUPER excited about it and we were ready to go early early on Sunday. Almost to the Sno-park (where the run was held) my brother realized A)We were not silent during Silent Rock and B) He forgot his running shoes. We ran around all the snow shops in Government Camp but didn’t find any shoes so headed back to the Sno-Park and borrowed shows from an awesome guy with Next Adventure–they fit perfectly so what happened later is not Next Adventure’s fault.

We should have done a drive by of Silent Rock so we could reverse our luck.

This run is purposefully off trail. It goes up steep, long, cliff/embarkments, through snowmelt whitewater streams and over glacier boulder fields. It was FUN. It was fun until my brother’s thin chicken legs jump off a boulder wrong, his ankle made odd popping noises and he was rolling around on the gound saying ‘fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.’

See – this issue with off trail run injuries is that there are A) no medics B) you are off trail C) it is a long long way back. As the crow flies, we were about 1.5 miles from where we started. Going the way the crow files meant crossing the stream and various smaller embankments and crawling over thousands of boulders. It was better then going the way we came which involved the very long very step cliff thingy.

In other words my brother hopped, crawled, scooched and was carried over this terrain.

In other words, though super annoying sometimes, my brother is pretty much a badass.

We made it to the Gresham Urgent care (if you ever have injury its great because no one is there) and he found out it was severely sprained which can be worse than a break. Its still too swollen to see an orthopedic surgeon so the cards are still out on surgery.

See below….


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