and in other news….

I mean to blog about NY as soon as I got home. Straight to the computer so I can at least remember it myself. Of course that didn’t happen. BUT I am writing it now- for you but also so I don’t forget a great trip.

YAY! A great trip. I was excited about going but I figured I would hide out in the hotel room watching tv. I have visited NYC before but not since 1997 when NY was still coming out of its harder era. That, combined with being a small-town teen in a big city and being the sickest I have ever been (I broke a rib coughing), made for a slightly stressful trip. It was super cool: I got to stay with my hip artist step-sister in a Manhattan bohemian apartment and I did all the famous sites.

This time was cool but a lot less rough, warmer, older, and I wasn’t deathly ill. I went to The Met, The MOMA, and The Frick. I saw the King Tut exhibit (I am a nerd when it comes to old crap), and took an evening stroll with W around ground zero and halfway across the Brooklyn bridge. We dressed up and went to a couple fancy dinners and even made our way to the Jersey shore where I got incredibly sunburnt in my incredibly cute bikini (1 of 20- I have a swimsuit-buying problem).

I also got to see A and eat cupcakes and also hung out with a high school friend that I haven’t since we graduated shortly after my original NYC trip. We hiked Highline Park, and went to a French cafe owned by Russians.

Our first night there we went to Crema, a fabulous Mexican restaurant where the food looks as good as it tastes. The chef is a friend of mines sister in-law and was on Iron Chef America so I knew it was going to be good but I was not prepared for how GOOD. Even W loved it who usually turns his nose up at fancy food.

The friend, who’s boyfriend is related to the chef, was also in NYC and we ate the most amazing dumplings- soup dumplings! Dumplings that are filled with soup!!! So good and you have to eat them very carefully so you don’t cover yourself in broth. Very fun.

Anyway- picture is worth 1000 words right?!?! See a great trip below:

W and I at the beach

In the water

getting burnt

riding the subway

strolling through parks

eating dumplings

going on bridges

then saying goodbye.


2 thoughts on “and in other news….

  1. Thuha says:

    I miss NY! So happy to have shared a moment with one of my most favorite people in my 2nd most favorite city in the world! Love the photos! You are soo good!

  2. lmsanderswilcox says:

    Sooooo amazing- I am excited!

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