Had a ton of fun today- went to The Met and The Frick Collection- great to be in the company of some amazing artists and really old crap. I LOVE old crap like rags from Eygptian buriels. Its great! I like to think about how someone touched what I am looking at 3000 years ago. Someone sneezed on that tissue and now  NOW it is in a museum. I hope a tissue I sneeze on is in a museum someday. I also ate a cupcake at the infamous/famous Magnolia bakery and had dumplings. AND I did it all with the best art museum partner EVERY A. A is cool and just got his MFA so he understands. Though he did talk about the artistic value of erotic Piscasso etching prints. I think that Picasso (amazing) was just letting his whimiscal dirty old man out. He basically wanted to etch a lot of penises, vaginas, and buttholes. The dude (I didn’t realize this before) love’s the female butthole.

I also got to stand infront of and look at some of Goya’s work. They were his portraits and not my favorite but still- GOYA! That is exciting for me cause he is a favorite. We were too worn out and needed food to go to the MOMA but that can be saved for next time which might be since I am going to be an Eastcoaster.

So far New York is relaxing. Who would have thought. The last time I was here was 13 years ago and it wasn’t quite as nice and I was really really sick and it was cold. I stayed with my stepsister who was awesome but I was in highschool and I terrified I would get lost in the city and mugged. Now its chichi.

Here is another injury photo- a blister. ENJOY! I hope to post some photos that do not involve injuries but that will have to wait till I get back.


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