and I ran….

So far away!!!!……

Nah- just 7.13 miles! Whoo- I haven’t run that since college AND it was a lot easier tonight then it was 9 years (gulp) ago. You know what else this means!?!?! It means I am pretty much good to go for my Mt Hood run. WHoooo!!! I went with a coworker who is an awesome runner–she is training for the Portland Marathon and has already run it once or twice. She kept me above my usualy pace and we finished in less than 1.5 hours which isn’t great but its pretty good for me- I am slllooooowww.

Ugh- during my run I tied my keycard to my shoe and I didn’t notice (hard to when muscles are burning) but it was digging into my ankle the whole way. now I have a gross blistery cut. I will post a photo below. Why do I like posting pictures of my lame injuries? dunno. oh! FYI- I have really fat toes- like embarassingly fat toes…I wouldn’t wear sandals till 8th grade.

So I have a goal to go to pilates tomorrow- it will be hard but I am still planning on going.

I also want to do hip hop this summer. I haven’t done it in a year almost and it used to be my main activity. I am curious to see how well I can do it with a more in shape body. I have been testing my dance skillz and I think my booty shaking will be pretty amazing. I have a lot more booty control then I did before.

Speaking of dance- So You Think You Can Dance is on now- soooooo good. The only dance show that was better was the 2nd season of America’s Best Dance Crew because Jaberwokezzs (sp?) was on it. They are amazing, original, pretty much the best.


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