My readers, few you may be but your quality is obviously superb, you may have noticed that I did away with the updates. It was too hard and now I am reevaluating again. I like posting thoughts here and using fitness/food recording sites for those goals. Plus my saving has not been so stellar. Maybe I will figure out how to link those sites publically or something?

Today I did kick boxing aerobics like all Wednesdays but I haven’t exercised really since last week. It was hard- especially with an itchy nose but I did and did abs class and biked before the classes started and walk 1.9 miles to my moms. I feel pretty good about it. I will be sore tomorrow which kindof sucks because I am planning on doing the 6.75 mile run that I meant to do with a friend a couple of weeks ago (the friend got sick and I couldn’t motivate on my own). So with the lack of exercise in the last week, the harsh exercise today, and the long run tomorrow–I might be hobbling around for a few days.

I have another goal to- I want to make it to Pilates on Friday morning. That is my goal for the week. I am pretty sure I can do it.

I am still going to do that pondering and sophomoric post but not tonight; not when I have W to cuddle with.


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