My nose itches. It won’t stop. I have to rub it so often that it hurts now. Is this allergies? I know its raining here but what else could it be? Maybe mold allergies?

I had great aspirations for a post last night after my second to the last philosophy class (actually kind of sad its ending) but instead I watched The Good Wife (still Good!), and The Hills (ugh). Maybe tonight–it’s probably good if I don’t get overly sophomoric. I am already annoying as it is.

That being said–I do have to say this: I hate everyone complaining about how we need to use less oil because of the gulf oil spill. I feel like ‘you’ means everyone but the one preaching. Starts at home buddy (I am saying this aloud to myself).

For those looking for THE BEST presentation on stuff like lowering impact- look here. He is THE BEST and slightly cute-with-an-accent.


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