crow emergency….

I am a meat eater. I like meat and think that humans are omnivores so other animals have an important place in our diet. However, I try to buy properly treated animal meat and non-animal tested products (and recognize I sometimes fail at this).

I do not like animal suffering.

I rescue worms while walking in the rain. I put spiders outside instead of squashing them. I give abandoned bees drops of lemonade. I didn’t even kill that awful Greek house centipede. I don’t like it when people are too harsh with their dogs/horses/cats. I helped rescue bunnies that subsequently committed suicide (another story). Three-legged animals that should be four-legged break my heart.

I recognize that this goes beyond what it should at times. I also recognize that my ‘help’ sometimes hurts. For instance, when I tried to feed a pinky mouse for two days then it died because even one drop was too much for its tiny stomach. It would have been better if it just died the first day when its mom kicked it out of the nest.

Yesterday I rushed home because I am trying to sell my-little-racing-dingy-that-I-have-never-raced-or-sailed. As I stepped out of my car I noticed that all was not right in our side garden.  In between rocks sat a baby crow. It had all its adult feathers but was still fairly small. Usually you are just supposed to leave baby animals; even birds that fall out of the nest because the parents will still take care of it. These crow parents were definitely pissed that I was near their offspring and I was prepared to leave it but I noticed something was wrong. The little (well little for a crow) bird’s eyes were so swollen shut that I thought it was born without them. There was green pus squeezing out the corners too. I can’t leave bird like that- it’s too painful.

I scooped it up in a towel and put it in a recycling bin (those things are super handy). I contemplated feeding it some mushy granola and milk but decided, though crows eat anything, I wasn’t sure how milk would do in its digestive track. Instead I carted it off to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital.

Dove Lewis is pretty cool. They have a community supported (donate here) program wherein you can bring in any wild animal that is injured (birds should go to the Audubon society if they are open). A few years ago I brought in a squirrel that was having seizures–he had to be put down L. So I left the crow there and will call today to see if he survived the night.

This scraggly crow, despite the pus-shut eyes, was pretty cute. He made half-hearted caws when his parents dive bombed me as I was loading him into my car. He also fell asleep with his little beak tucked back under the top of his wing. I am kicking myself for not breaking out my camera.

I hope he is not dead.


he died. Poor guy.


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